Do you feel alive?

It’s all about Energy.

Don't ask yourself what the world
needs. Ask yourself what makes you
come alive, and go do that,
Because what the world needs is
people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman Reload’s commitment is to serve Life
by leveraging all the available tools
to help this life Force, “QI” or “Prana” flow
though each one of us.
This means optimizing the physiological
temple that is our body
and help
removing any possible barriers to its free
flow, for a thriving Health.

and Responsibility

We're on a mission to bring higher
on how our whole
environment, nutrition, lifestyle, emotions
and mind balance can affect our Health,
for the worst or the better.
Reload aims at liberating and lowering each
one ignorance about his own Personal
that usually translates as an over-
dependence upon the so-called “sick-care”
medical community and drug industry, in the
search of quick or shallow fix while the root
cause will usually proves deeper and more systemic.

Connecting the Dot

Reload’s goal is to create a bridge between
ancient medical wisdom such as Ayurveda
and latest scientific advancements in the field
of Functional Medicine and Evidence-
based Medicine.
Our quest is to collect, gather and make sense
of all the possible data that might hint at
critical health patterns regarding your
Health and daily wellbeing. Through custom
nutrient, nutritional and lifestyle
recommendations, Reload will bring you
closer to your Life Goals.